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Welcome to JOZKA SHOPPING GUIDE. We made this guide to make your shopping experience easy and hassle free. We included some pictures to enable you see where to click. Enjoy your shopping.

Note: We would like to remind you that our shopping cart uses Zip Code to calculate shipping cost. If you live in a country where Zip Code is not often used this might be a challenge, but don’t worry we’ve got it under control. We’ve prepared a list of INTERNATIONAL ZIP CODES. All you need to do is to simply open our international Zip Codes page and find your country Zip Code on the list then copy it and paste or type it into the Zip Code field.

Here’s the shopping guide:


The first thing you might want to do when you land on our website is to search for a product that you would like to buy. Once you find it, then you need to click on it and choose options, Color, Size, Sleeve Length, quantity and add to cart. Please see the image below. Pay attention to the areas with the red arrows.


If you’d like to buy more products, then follow the same guide in Step 1 to find and choose more products.


There are two check out pages. If you only want to know your shipping charges, the charges will be calculated on the second check out page so simply click on the Proceed to Checkout on this first Checkout page. Please see the red arrow below that's where you should click. You can also click on the one below, any of them will take you to the second page.

This is the second check out page where shipping cost and product charges will be calculated.
So please select your country on the country list field and enter your zip code. Then click on refresh to see the shipping and product charges. See the red arrows in the picture below:


Note: Please note that you need to have an account before you can make a purchase or complete an order. So if you do not have an account at this point, you need to create one if you want to make a purchase.

 If you have already created an account and want to order the items in your cart then select your payment method. If you’ve got a Coupon code or Promo Code, please enter it in the Promo code field. See the picture below:


To complete your order, simply click on check out. Please see the picture below.

An order acknowledgement email will be sent to you. The order acknowledgement email will contain your order number and order details. Additional email will be sent to you when we ship your goods. The delivery confirmation email will include delivery details and tracking information.

That’s it.

If you have any difficulty completing your order, kindly email us: [email protected] or give us a call: +84-918-866-310.

Thank you for your interest in our product.